About Us


We act for only a small number of clients, tailoring bespoke solutions for often complex financial issues or problems.

At SG Law we understand that increasing globalisation often presents challenges for today's business leaders and entrepreneurs. It will be a priority for many successful business people to retain those assets which they have strived to create through their achievements.

The lifestyle and property of wealthy families and private individuals may span continents or be single jurisdiction based, whichever is the case, that wealth should be protected where appropriate from influences which may seek to deplete or diminish that which our clients have worked hard to achieve.

At SG Law we have a multi jurisdictional approach to what may be a single jurisdiction issue. Placing assets in a multi jurisdictional structure will often negate the issue arising. We have an Intercontinental reach. Operating across multiple countries with considerable experience in international tax structures in low or zero environments.

Our bespoke and discrete solutions provide our clients with a unique asset protection service allowing our clients to retain existing wealth and focus on further wealth creation. 

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